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Ca-Experts.Com's site is the best way to inform the public of what I do as an expert witness in the long-term care & nursing home field. Not only have I received many calls & inquiries from my involvment with Ca-Experts, but I have been able to locate professionals & experts in other areas at the click of a button. I know that I can depend upon those affiliated with Ca-Experts to provide the most professional & effective expert witness site.

If you're like me you've tried the expert witness guides & registries & found that they don't work very well. Since I've been listing my services on the Ca-Experts' site, I have been impressed with the level of calls I've received as well as the caliber of professionals making the inquires. The need for qualified experts in various fields is continuing to grow & Ca-Experts is far away the best & most effective way in which to find the expert you're looking for. Thank you so much!

Robert J. Goerzen, L.N.H.A., C.T.Q., AALTCI

"I highly recommend the Expanded version of Ca-Experts.Com.  I tested your web site by entering the various key words in the various search engines & my web site & yours as a host pop up in the top 10 hits for document examiners. I think I invested well when I decided to advertise with you.  A wise decision.

Manny Gonzales, Alliance Forensic Services

Ca-Experts.Com would like to extend our thanks to Rosalie Hamilton ( www.ExpertCommunications.Com ) for including us in her latest book, "The Expert Witness Marketing Book." an informative desk resource for every Expert Witness.   Rosalie has been providing sales & marketing advice to experts & others for more than 20 years.

Rosalie, we wish you all the best in your latest effort.

Thank you, again, Ca-Experts.Com

"I have listed with Ca.Experts.Com since they first started their expert witness listing service & find it to be one of the best on the web. The excellent return on my advertising dollar makes Ca-Experts.Com one of the best values on the internet. Keep up the good work!

Joe H. Henderson, Esq.

"I'd like you to know that I think your site is quite useful. After finding personal referrals & the traditional yellow pages to be entirely fruitless, I finally found an expert from your site that I'm very pleased with & would never have found otherwise. I particularly like your emphasis on California, as an expert in another state would be of little use.

Thanks, R.A. Angarola, < Anne719936@AOL.COM >

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