Photo Dr. Palmer Morrel-Samuels
Employee Motivation & Performance Assessment, Inc. (EMPA)
210 Park Street
Chelsea, MI 48118
Cellphone: 734-368-3348
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  • Northwestern University School of Law
    Chicago, IL (2015 - 2017) - MSc in Law
    Area of Specialization: Workplace Discrimination, the role of statistical evidence in court
  • Columbia University, Department of Psychology
    NYC, NY (1982 - 1989) M.Phil, Ph.D.
    Area of Specialization: experimental social psychology
  • University of Chicago, Division of Social Sciences
    Chicago, IL (1979 - 1980)
    M.A. - Area of Specialization: research methodology in behavioral science
  • Goddard College, Plainfield VT, credits transferred from Dickinson College (1974-1976) B.A. Major: creative arts psychotherapy
  • CEO & Principal Consultant
    Employee Motivation & Performance Assessment, Inc. (EMPA)
    Chelsea, MI - April 1998 to Present)
  • Instructor (teaching classes on survey design, statistics, & research methodology)
    Institute for Social Research, Survey Research Center
    Summer Institute, University of Michigan (July 2009 to Present)
  • Lecturer (teaching classes on survey design, statistics, & research methodology) School of Public Health, University of Michigan (September 2008 to April 2014)
    [intermittent teaching on Recall Status until 2016]
  • Expert Witness
    Employee discrimination, surveys & assessments, contract disputes requiring statistical analysis (September 2003 to Present)
  • Team Director & Senior Consultant
    Hewlett-Packard, formerly EDS-Survey Services - August 1991 to November 1996
  • Assistant Research Scientist Cognitive Science & Machine Intelligence Lab
    University of Michigan - Ann Arbor - March 1993 to December 1999
  • Adjunct Research Scientist
    National Quality Research Center
    University of Michigan Business School - Ann Arbor - June 1997 to June 1998
  • Research Assistant
    Computer Science Department, Watson Research Center, IBM
    Yorktown, NY - August 1986 to April 1987
  • Research Assistant
    Psychology Department, Yale University
    New Haven, CT - December 1981 to September 1982
  • American Psychology - Law Society
  • Society for Empirical Legal Studies
  • Society of Industrial/Organizational Psychologists (SIOP)
  • Society for Public Health Education
  • Association for Psychological Science (Charter Member)
  • American Association for Public Opinion Research
  • Who’s Who in Science & Engineering (second edition, 1994 - 1995)
  • Faculty Fellowship, Department of Psychology, Columbia University (1982 - 1987)
  • Scholarship, French Ministry of Education & Université de la Source
    Orleans, France (1967)
  • Served as consultant (~30 years) designed & analyzed assessments for more than 7 million employees in over 70 countries
  • Held managerial positions (~20 years) in academic, industrial, & research settings
  • Lectured at Columbia University on experimental psychology, social psychology, & statistics
  • Wrote & patented four web-based assessments & surveys for the workplace
  • Provided survey services for corporations (e.g., Disney, FedEx, Mars, Credit Suisse, Coke, GM, UPS, Ford, Duke Energy)
  • Provided survey services for non-profits & government agencies (e.g., US Department of Justice, Blue Cross Blue Shield)
  • Provided survey services for healthcare industry (e.g., Harvard Pilgrim HC, Pfizer, Novo Nordisk, Univ. of Michigan HS,)
  • Conducted a statistical analysis of utilization rates among psychiatric patients for Billings Hospital, University of Chicago
  • Interviewed by Forbes Magazine on EMPA’s National Benchmark Study™ & Benchmarks™; Forbes.Com (08/24/09)
  • Testified to Congress on DOJ study examining the relation between working conditions, motivation, & job performance
  1. Burns v. Interstate Brands Corporation (AKA Hostess Bakeries); expert witness (EW) for D (settled ~ 5/9/04)
    Ran statistical analysis of job assignments for evidence of disparate impact (DI) and/or disparate treatment (DT).
  2. Tower Automotive Products v. Lamb Technicon; EW for D (settled ~ 8/31/05)
    Ran statistical tests of 4 million datapoints tracking assembly-line failures in breach of contract suit.
  3. [Corp. A] v. [Corp. B] EW for D testified to ICCs International Court of Arbitration in The Hague (settled ~ 2/10/12)
    Analyzed psychometric properties of assessment P used to compute damages in contract breach suit. Testified (details sealed).
  4. Scott v. City of Indianapolis; EW on behalf of the Ps (settled ~ 7/19/12)
    Ran statistical analysis of data from Human Resources Information System (HRIS) to evaluate Ps claim of DI based on race. Withstood Daubert Challenge: 3-25-2010 US District Court, S.D. IN, Indianapolis Division.
  5. American Postal Workers Union, AFL-CIO v. United States Postal Service; EW for P (settled ~ 3/7/13)
    Ran statistical analysis of 111 postal workers who did or did not receive letter of intent regarding job relocation, for DI analysis
  6. EEOC v. Bass Pro Inc.; EW for P and the EEOC (settled ~ 3/4/2014) Designed a cross-validated assessment for verifying race of several hundred job applicants to rebut exclusion of Ps expert
  7. Sweeney v. Washington Board of Pilotage; EW for P alleging DT violation (settled ~ 10/1/14)
    Ran statistical tests of 1.03 million datapoints from pilots licensing test for evidence of sex discrimination; Deposed (8/22/13).
  8. Cardelle et al. v. Miami Fraternal Order of Police; EW for P alleging ADEA violation (settled ~ 11/25/2015)
    Ran statistical tests of 221K datapoints from pension payments & HRIS for evidence of age discrimination
  9. Grevera v. Microsoft Inc.; EW for P alleging ADEA violation (settled ~ 8/29/14)
    Ran statistical tests of 4.9 million datapoints from job evaluations & HRIS for evidence of age discrimination Withstood Daubert Challenge (details sealed).
  10. Schmidt v. Gronik; EW for D alleging violation of ADA, FLSA & Clean Hands Doctrine (settled ~ 5/14/14)
    Ran statistical analysis of HRIS data and analyzed documents re ADA, FLSA & Clean Hands Doctrine; Deposed (8/1/13).
  11. Swann v. Time Warner Entertainment; EW for D regarding alleged DI and DT violations. (Dismissed 12/15/15)
    Ran statistical analysis of HRIS data; analyzed validity of performance appraisal & employment screening test (details sealed)
  12. National Treasury Employee Union v. Social Security Admin.; EW for P in binding arbitration (Complaint #1 settled ~ 8/28/15)
    Analyzed HRIS data; evaluated performance assessments validity & evidence of DI using covariates. Testified (details sealed)
  13. EEOC v. FAPS; EW for P and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (settled ~ 4/28/16)
    Designed and ran a cross-validated assessment to determine race of 900 job applicants by mail, for DI analysis; Deposed (12/9/13) Withstood Daubert Challenge: 9-26-14 US District Court, District of N.J.;
  14. Nevis v. Jacobs Telecommunications Inc.; EW. for P re. Ds apparent failure to accommodate P under ADA (settled ~ 6/1/16)
    Researched information on procedures for using workplace assessments to conduct drug-testing of employees
  15. Johnson v. ABF Freight System; EW for P (settled ~ 2/15/17)
    Evaluated validity of promotional process
  16. US v. City of Jacksonville [FL]; EW for D (settled ~ 1/13/17)
    Ran statistical tests of 179 million datapoints from promotion exams & HRIS for evidence of DI; Deposed (3/4/16 & 3/14/16) Withstood Three Daubert Challenges (deemed moot).
  17. US v. Commonwealth of Pennsylvania & Pennsylvania State Police; EW for D (settled ~ 4/4/18)
    Wrote rebuttals of reports by Ps EWs regarding evidence of DI; Deposed (7/14/16)
  18. Neff v. City of East Lansing; EW for D (Summary Judgment Granted 4/20/17)
    Evaluated validity of workplace assessment and ran statistical analysis evaluating evidence of DT & DI
  19. Grzebyk, Shin & Hardrick v. Auto Club Insurance Assn. [of AAA]; EW for P (settled ~ 9/12/19)
    Evaluated survey methodology used by D to set compensation rates for home health assistants; Deposed (3/10/17)
  20. Miller v. Port Authority of NY & NJ; EW for P (Still in litigation)
    Evaluated Ds claim that Ps request for reasonable accommodation would necessarily entail an undue hardship. Withstood Daubert Challenge: 12-20-2017 US District Court, District of NJ
  21. Jones & Barnes v. Bd. of Trustees of Univ. of Il et al.; EW for P (Still in litigation)
    Evaluated interview process used to make promotions to Chief Engineer; ran statistical analyses; Deposed, Barnes, (11/30/17) Withstood Daubert Challenge: 3-25-2019 US District Court, Northern District of IL, Eastern Division (deemed moot)
  22. Herron v. AT&T; EW for P (status of litigation uncertain) (Details sealed)
    Evaluated termination records for evidence of discrimination
  23. Wesley v. KY Transportation Cabinet; EW for P (still in litigation)
    Evaluated employment data on promotions, salary, raises and performance bonuses
  24. Robinson v. Des Moines Public Schools; EW for D (still in litigation)
    Evaluated Ps motion to be designated Class Representative for a proposed class; evaluating employment data. Withstood Daubert challenge: 10-2-2018 Iowa District Court, Polk County, IA
  25. Scott et al v. State of NJ; EW for D (still in litigation)
    Evaluated the role of race in job actions within the AGs office regarding Promotions, New Hires, Old Hires, & Job Performance.
  26. Mitchel v Jefferson County School District; EW for P (settled ~ 5/29/20)
    Evaluated the psychometric properties of a workplace survey that was used to evaluate Ps work performance.
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  17. Morrel-Samuels, P (2015) True or False: The Ricci Decision was Illogical & Problematic
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