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PROFESSION – Current Employer

  • President – CarSpeakADR - Automotive Dispute Resolution
  • President – American Auto Seminars - Automotive Sales & Management Training, Expert Witness Services
  • President – DealTraXX - Automobile Dealership Management Software

Music Business
– Managed & Produced Rock & Folk groups in the 1960’s & 1970’s including the rock group KISS. Produced & coordinated concerts & large outdoor music festivals including The Philadelphia Folk Festival, Newport Folk Festival at Carnegie Hall, & Nassau Community College Folk Festival. Talent coordinated TV show Philadelphia Folk Festival 1970 for PBS.

Automobile Business
- Upon arriving in Los Angeles in 1978, entered the Automobile Business. Started in Retail Sales & Management & then, in 1986, moved into Sales & Management Training & Dealership Consulting through the founding of American Auto Seminars & AmericanAutoSeminars.com. Since then has trained literally thousands of the industry’s best salespeople some of whom are now dealers.

Radio & Television
- Host of The Front Page with Lew Linet – KFOX & KWNK Radio, Los Angeles Political Commentator
– KCAL-TV & FOX News Network, Los Angeles

Expert Witness
– 1995, commenced providing Auto Industry Expert Witness & Case Preparation services to attorneys in the area of Dealership Standards & Practices. Has testified in dozens of cases at both depositions & trials.

Collegiate Instruction
– 2004, created & began teaching the course entitled “Auto Sales 101” at Los Angeles Pierce College in Woodland Hills, CA.

Alternative Dispute Resolution
– 2008, Opened Mediation Practice specializing in Automotive Dispute Resolution through CarSpeakADR & CarSpeakADR.com.


A Mediator is a Settlement Salesman. A Salesman since the age of 6, Dr. Linet has gained the skills of a master negotiator. Through door-to-door sales as a child followed by negotiating performing artists’ record, publishing & agency deals & through negotiating & managing thousands of automobile purchasing & leasing transactions, he has accumulated & created closing techniques that are used today by some of the finest negotiators in all areas of sales. His book, The Deal or The Art Of The 4-Square is considered the bible of Automotive Negotiation & has sold in the thousands worldwide. He has mediated hundreds of Dealership Sales, Leasing, Financing & Service Disputes.


  • Fraud
  • Unfair Business Practices
  • 17200 Issues
  • Document Disclosures
  • Finance Reserve
  • Sales
  • Leasing & Management Procedures
  • Prior Rentals
  • Title History
  • Service Contracts
  • Purchase/Lease Flips
  • Spanish Contracts
  • Wrongful Termination
  • Employment Contracts
  • Discrimination
  • Payment-Packing
  • Regulation Z
  • Regulation M
  • AB 68
  • Song-Beverly
  • Lemon Law
  • Single Document
  • Safety Inspection
  • Wrongful Death
  • Negligent Entrustment
  • Sales Training
  • After-Market Sales
  • Advertising
  • Civil & Vehicle Codes
  • Product Defects
  • Class Actions

"You can’t always get what you want. But, if you try sometime,
You just might find, you get what you need.”

- Mick Jagger 1968

Throughout my thirty-one years in the Automobile Business & fourteen years as an Expert Witness in the area of Dealership Standards & Practices, I’ve felt that most of the cases, in which I’ve testified, could have, should have & would have been settled if only an Auto Industry Mediator, that is, one who knows “CarSpeak” had been employed to bring the opposing parties to settlement.

As we both know trial is, at best, risky business, fraught with more potholes than the streets of L.A. after a rain storm. How often do you go in with a “slam-dunk” but come out with a “penalty”? Clearly, Mediation is the best path to take whenever possible.

As I considered expanding my Witness practice into Mediation, & aware of the fierce competition, I researched all of the ADR panels I could find but could not find one single Mediator with an Auto Industry background & yet, there’s so much automobile-related litigation happening. As a car business insider, I’m able to bring, to the table, specialized information helpful in facilitating resolutions that are truly wins for all parties.

My father, who practiced law for seventy-five years, used to tell me that there are always at least two legitimate sides to every story. Having now testified for both plaintiffs & defendants, in the words of Joni Mitchell, “I’ve looked at life from both sides now” & therefore bring, to Mediation, a tremendous sense of neutrality & understanding.

A great Mediator or “Settlement Salesman” has to be a great Closer that is, a master of the “Would-ja-takes”, “If-I-could-wouldjas” & the “What-ifs”. I have closed, literally, thousands of deals &, through Dealership Management & Expert Witnessing, have encountered all of the disputes which arise in the car business. I am expert in Industry Standards & Practices & have a great understanding of relevant law. Most importantly, I know “CarSpeak” & am able to identify the issues & interests, uncover hidden agenda, come up with creative solutions &, most importantly, save you a lot of time & money.


  • Los Angeles County Bar Association -”Basic Mediation Training”
  • Los Angeles Superior Court – “Mediating the Litigated Case”
  • City of Los Angeles Business License
  • California State Board of Equalization Seller’s Permit
  • B.A. Economics – Ursinus College
  • Ph.D. Economics, Business Marketing – LaSalle University
  • Breaking The Sales Barrier – Video Course – American Honda
  • Magic In The Box – Auto Sales Negotiation Seminar
  • The Deal or The Art Of The 4-Square – Book – Auto Sales Negotiation
  • The Complete Car Salesman - The Basics – Video Course
  • The Million-Dollar Walkaround – Seminar & Video Course
  • Auto Sales 101 – Course
    Los Angeles Pierce College, Woodland Hills, CA
  • SuperStars – Master class in Auto Sales taught at various locations
$400.00 for all work & travel plus expenses

Los Angeles, CA - Nationwide

United States of America

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